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While most investors are familiar with the interface of a Zacks or Morningstar stock screener, the Google Finance stock screener is the best option for fast scanning. It does not have as many filters as those of other sites, but the standardized interface is familiar to most investors. In addition to hiring legions of analysts and writing free investment news sites and blogs, some big Wall Street names have started publishing their own free stock screeners.


When it comes to stock picking, a stock screener can be a huge help. These tools allow you to quickly identify stocks that may be suitable for you based on your personal trading methodology. Stock screeners are useful for both technical and fundamental traders as they identify key buying and selling opportunities. While you should always verify your stock picks before investing in them, most of these tools will work fine if you use them properly.

The screener page shows the same data as the Watchlist tab, but allows you to filter and sort your list. You can also exclude certain stocks from the screen if they don’t meet your criteria. You can also input more than one criteria to narrow your results. Some stock screeners will require you to input more than six criteria in order to get the results that you want. If this is the case, you may find yourself frustrated and unable to make a decision based on the search results.

Fortunately, there is a free option available to implement your Tiny Titans strategy with the use of a stock screener. Google Finance also has a free option that includes the Tiny Titans screen. This screener has an extensive database of company financial information, which will help you perform qualitative analysis. There are also fee-based stock screeners that incorporate this strategy. The only downside to using these free tools is that they are not as flexible as other options.

While free stock screeners are handy for researching stocks, you should consider investing in a paid version of the program. Google Finance offers a premium version, which allows you to access more advanced features, like news, earnings call transcripts, and analyst recommendations. In addition, it is free, and you can download it from Google Play stores. If you’re interested in investing, the Free Google Finance stock screener can be a great tool.

The Free Google Finance stock screener does have some limitations, though. It does not support OTC stocks or the industry relative P/S. You can’t save the screen name. There’s no back testing functionality. And it is not very good at picking stocks based on the ticker. It does, however, come with a great portfolio tool. It can also be used to keep track of your entire portfolio. These limitations make the Free Google Finance stock screener an excellent choice for people who are new to investing and need a simple way to monitor their investments.

Integrated with Google Sheets

If you want to find the best stocks to invest in, the most effective tool for you is a stock screener that integrates with Google Sheets for finance. A stock screener can help you find a good investment opportunity without spending a lot of time researching different stocks. This tool is similar to an OBV indicator, which gives you an overview of a stock’s price movements. Moreover, it allows you to save your search results for later analysis, making it a convenient tool for you to use.

Alpha Vantage is one of the most popular providers of real-time and historical stock APIs. It provides comprehensive stock data and is faster than other stock screeners like Yahoo Finance. It also allows you to download historical data for your spreadsheet. In addition, this screener supports more than 1,000 metrics, such as price-to-book ratio, free cash flow yield, and EV/EBITDA. It is available for free and premium plans, and comes with whitelisted metrics and unlimited watch lists.

If you’re a big fan of charts, you can even use the Stochastic Stock Screener. This tool displays stock charts as well as news from the stock market. The only difference between these two tools is that the Stochastic is not a fundamental stock screener, but a technical indicator. It tracks money flow into and out of a stock. Furthermore, it tracks a range of attributes to identify overbought and oversold stocks. You can also use the Force Index Stock Screener, which uses the price of a stock and the volume of the stock. However, this tool does not teach you how to trade stocks or recommend you the best stocks to buy.

A simple search on Google Finance will return a wide array of global stock data. For example, Facebook has an NASDAQ ticker of FB. This would be a great option if you want to see a stock’s price history over time. With this tool, you can manage the data easily without worrying about formatting and importing it to Excel. The search function in Google Sheets is similar to the one in Excel. The autocomplete feature is convenient as well.

Has a charting feature

Google Finance offers a powerful charting feature that allows you to analyze your stocks’ performance. You can download this data as an Excel sheet and analyze it later. You can also use Google Finance’s forum to share opinions and gather information about particular stocks. It is incredibly easy to use, yet provides you with a wealth of information. There is also a portfolio tool that lets you track the performance of your entire portfolio.

The charting tool on Google Finance is free and allows you to input various criteria about a stock, including P/E ratio, latest trade price, and gross margin. There are many features in this free program, and you’ll want to explore them all to determine which ones are right for you. You can also take advantage of professional traders’ checklists for free. These checklists provide a great starting point for a new position.

Another great feature of Google Finance is the ability to view and compare multiple timeframes at once. It makes it easy to compare different stocks to determine which ones will do the best over the long-term. With so many options, you can quickly make an educated decision with the best screener for you. Just remember that trading in the stock market can be tricky. The best stock screener is the one that gives you the best insights and the most relevant results. You can also check out the results with a custom search or use the stock screener built in to Google Finance.

The Google Finance Stock Screener allows you to customize a set of criteria in the topmost and lower tabs. You can also specify additional criteria in the lower tab by clicking the ‘Add Criteria’ button. The trend research function helps you determine which stocks are likely to follow a profitable trading pattern. The trend research tool also offers statistics for Google’s US traffic. So, if you’re looking for a great tool for your trading strategy, try one of these.

You can also try Morningstar, which offers stock information and articles on companies. You can also check out stocks’ performance in a single day. In addition, you can also find more information about stocks on MSN Money. Despite being free, Google Finance Stock Screener requires a little bit of extra work on your part to produce useful results. There is a default grid, but you can expand your selection by expanding the Add Criteria.

Can be used for Tiny Titans strategy

The “Tiny Titans” strategy is a micro cap investment methodology which incorporates both a value and momentum component. The strategy requires a minimal amount of data to screen for and pick the best investments. It has published historical performance data and generated a real average annual return of almost 19%. It is worth taking a look at the strategy before committing your money to it. It is worth noting that this strategy only works when a particular stock has improved its fundamentals, but there is no such guarantee.

The O’Shaughnessy Tiny Titans strategy focuses on micro-cap stocks with high value, dimension and momentum. It generally performs well during financial recoveries. Moreover, this strategy is profitable even when the economy is doing poorly. It uses value and momentum to find stocks with a high chance of increasing in price. It also uses the S&P Compustat database to find stocks with a high growth potential.

When using the Tiny Titans strategy, you should look for shares that have a low price-to-sales ratio (PSR). The PSR ratio is a measure of “cheapness” and is used to identify the best micro-cap stocks. Sales are an important part of any viable company, and they’re often difficult to manipulate than earnings. O’Shaughnessy found that shares with low P/S ratios produced higher returns than those with high prices-to-sales ratios.

The Tiny Titans strategy focuses on micro-cap stocks and has produced impressive results. The AAII’s Model Shadow Inventory Portfolio, which uses this screening model, has generated an annual return of 24.2% since 1998, outpacing the S&P Small Cap 600 index by 8.9%. However, before deciding to use this strategy, make sure to do your due diligence to ensure that the company is worthy of your money.

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