Google Finance Stock Screener Tool

google finance stock screener tool

The stock screener on Google Finance is not the only option available for investors to search the market. There are many other good stock screeners to choose from, too. These include TC2000, FINVIZ, and TradingView. Using these tools will allow you to find companies that may be worth investing in. Here are some of the best ones. The first one is TC2000. If you’re not happy with it, read this article and find an alternative.

Alternatives to Google Finance’s stock screener

You’ve probably heard of Google Finance’s stock screener tool, but are you familiar with its limitations? This simple tool only displays information on the market’s most active companies, including their market cap, dividend yield, P/E ratio, and price history. It also provides you with articles that you can read about the company. This feature is extremely limited, and you’ll need a more sophisticated stock screener tool to get more information.

The most popular stock screener tool is Google Finance’s, but it’s far from the only option out there. Yahoo Finance, a leading stock research website, has similar functionality. It’s also free, but its price/benefit ratio isn’t as good. There are also several other websites that provide similar functionality, including MarketWatch and Zacks. While free stock screeners don’t scan OTC stocks or pink sheets, paid screeners offer additional functionality.

For a more advanced screening tool, Zacks and other financial websites offer substantial options for a free version. Zacks, for instance, allows users to enter their own custom filters, which makes the process of selecting stocks even easier. Zacks also offers a free version that lets you filter stocks by more parameters. You can find stocks based on different criteria, including price, P/E ratio, dividend yield, and dividend yield.

Although Google is notoriously tight-lipped about future product plans, they have a history of launching new features without advance notice. This time, they’ve promised to bring back their portfolio monitoring tool, but haven’t yet announced a launch date. But we’re still hopeful that Google will bring back this tool, and we’re all anxiously waiting. So, which alternative is better?

Another option is Stock Rover. This site offers an extensive library of pre-made screeners and is constantly updated. Stock Rover offers a real-time stream of financial data and has more than 500 supported analysis metrics. It is an excellent option for investors who are looking for a high-quality stock screener tool. It is very easy to customize a screener to suit your needs. However, you’ll need to sign up for a premium account to use it.


TC2000 is one of the most popular Google Finance stock screeners. It scans the entire market within seconds and plots over 129 fundamental variables, including the company’s balance sheet, income statement, and current earnings. TC2000 also provides the option to toggle between technical and fundamental scanning modes, so you can choose which ones you’re most interested in viewing. This feature makes TC2000 a great choice for those who don’t have time to perform complex scans themselves.

The interface of TC2000 is straightforward and powerful, striking the right balance between being visually appealing and being immediately useful. Its main features are watchlist management, flagging stocks, making notes, and powerful scanning. You can install it in a matter of minutes, and it runs seamlessly across all devices. And because it’s built with Google Finance, it’s compatible with other financial software, including the popular NASDAQ and NYSE.

TC2000 offers broad fundamental and technical screening criteria, enabling users to create their own customized screens. Its customizable screens include trend lines, Fibonacci, and text. It also features an option to customize alerts with any metric or indicator status. A number of other features of TC2000 make it an excellent choice for those who need to analyze the market quickly. A recent update allows users to customize alerts and scan thousands of stocks in under two seconds.

TC2000 offers a range of subscription plans. There’s a free version for beginners, and a premium service for more advanced users. The basic plan is $9.99 a month, and includes over 100 stock chart indicators. It also includes news, indices, options, and real-time data feeds. There’s a gold and platinum plan for people looking for more advanced functionality. However, the price is not competitive.

TC2000 also offers live seminars for new users and allows customization of charts. You can add personal notes and customize the charts to suit your needs. The stock charts update in real-time with the latest market data. It also includes all possible technical indicators. If you’re looking for a simple, easy to use tool for analyzing the market, TC2000 is a great choice. There’s something for everyone!


If you’re a beginner or a more advanced investor, you can use the free version of FINVIZ Google finance stock screener to find stocks and other financial instruments. The free version is limited, but you can still find useful information. For instance, you can sort securities by market capitalization or value, and filter by date or sector. There’s also an advanced version, called FINVIZ ELITE, which includes custom filtering, data export, and back testing.

While Finviz is often included in lists of best stock screeners, the interface can be overwhelming at first. It can be cluttered, but you can easily find filters without clicking through pages of text. In addition, you can save preset screens for later use. To begin, you will need to sign up for a free account, but you’ll be glad you did. This screener tool lets you filter stocks using a variety of criteria, including price, dividend yield, and market cap.

As mentioned above, Finviz’s stock screener tool is free, but it requires a bit of extra work to produce meaningful results. The default grid is a little clunky, but it still meets the Tiny Titans criteria. Using the default grid, you’ll need to delete excess criteria to see the results you need. Similarly, the Add Criteria selection box lets you add or remove a specific criteria. The graphical representation of a stock’s criteria distribution is very helpful.

Finviz offers several features for free. This browser-based platform has a comprehensive stock screener and financial news. Finviz also offers a subscription package that includes enhanced trading strategies and features. If you’re an advanced investor, you can try the free version first before deciding to upgrade to the Elite version. Finviz is great for new investors and experienced ones alike. You can also use it to generate trading ideas.

The free version of Finviz is also useful. It has a variety of features, including ad-free functionality. However, there’s no mobile app for Finviz, and the website isn’t particularly mobile-friendly. If you don’t have a tablet or smartphone, you can’t access Finviz’s stock screener on the go. And as for the paid version, you’ll get access to its premium facilities, such as customizable charts.


The tradingview stock screener tool offers a simple, yet flexible interface. Its free version has limited functionality, while paid accounts get real-time streaming quotes. The screener offers a large number of filtering criteria. It allows the user to set their own customized timeframes, filters, and more. You can also save pre-set combinations of filtering criteria. The data updates quickly, making TradingView a great option for experienced investors.

It is possible to filter stocks based on sectors or industry parameters. Sectors include consumer durables, health services, and electronic technology. Industry parameters include airlines, apparel, biotechnology, gaming, and computer communications. There are also fundamental filters for the types of companies. Fundamental filters refer to the financial and economic fundamentals of a stock. Unlike sector filters, fundamental filters are customizable, allowing you to narrow down your search and refine your results.

The TradeView stock screener tool allows traders to analyze the stocks of companies worldwide. They can narrow down their search using descriptive and technical criteria. Traders can also combine multiple filters to determine which stocks offer the best trading opportunities. Traders can use the pre-built layouts to narrow down their results, while experienced traders can customize their screens using their own criteria. Its charting analysis helps traders choose stocks that are trending up or down.

Options alerts are useful for monitoring your portfolio and identifying the best stocks to buy. This tool allows investors to create alerts and monitor 15 tickers at a time. These alerts can be sent directly to your email when the price meets a specified condition. In addition to that, the screener includes filters to help users filter stocks and ETFs. These filters can be set to display only stocks or sectors that fit your criteria.

The TradingView screener tool is highly customizable. You can adjust the parameters of your screener by setting the desired range and number of options. There is a menu with snippets of customizable parameters. The selections are overwhelming! But don’t be intimidated – the options menu has tons of filters to suit your needs. Select all that apply to you and see which stocks match those criteria. You will be able to choose the best stocks within your time frame.

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