Google Finance and Coinbase – What’s the Difference?

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Coinbase and Google Finance are two of the most popular exchanges for cryptocurrency, but what is their difference? What is their GOOGLEFINANCE function, and how can they benefit you? This article aims to answer these questions. Let’s start with the basic functions of both. First, let’s look at Coinbase. Its assets are closest to the market cap of the Google tokenized stock FTX. This means it’s more popular than many people think.


If you’re a cryptocurrency enthusiast, you probably already know how to use Google Finance to track your investments. The popular financial website recently added a crypto market tab to its site, which is divided into five different tabs. There’s a Coinbase price data tab, U.S. markets, European markets, Asian markets, and Currencies. You can even find “about” widgets for four different cryptocurrencies, making it easy to view their prices. If you’re a spreadsheet user, you can even extract the Coinbase price directly into Google Sheets.

As for the stock itself, Coinbase currently shows a 41 out of 99 IBD Composite Rating, a metric that helps investors assess a stock’s technicals and fundamentals. The stock jumped 7.6% in response to JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs initiating coverage of the company on May 24. Canaccord Genuity and Morgan Stanley also started coverage on Coinbase in June. However, the upcoming Facebook Novi beta program will likely hurt Coinbase’s stock price.

The coinbase listing is also important for traditional investors. While it gives them an indirect way to invest in crypto, it has been criticized for failing to keep up with the growing demand for digital currencies. Coinbase has also failed to keep up with the demand for cryptocurrency and has ignored complaints from customers. Its stock has fallen nearly 18% since its IPO in 2014 and is expected to hit $64,000 by the end of 2022. So, it is important to find out which cryptocurrency will hit the highest prices and will last for the longest. And while this is still a positive for Bitcoin, it is not the end of the world for cryptocurrencies.

Despite these concerns, it is important to note that Coinbase has a healthy business model and has become profitable. Last quarter, Coinbase earned around $800 million in profit, outpacing Wall Street expectations of $2.33 per share. And while it’s closely tied to bitcoin, the company has warned that it’ll continue to have a difficult time generating profits in the third quarter. Its trading volume has declined significantly from last year’s 38 percent.

In order to pull cryptocurrency prices into a Google spreadsheet, you need to know how to use a function called GOOGLEFINANCE. This function pulls prices from websites, using cell references and URLs. The formula refers to the correct URL and XPath for fetching the data. You need to make sure you have the right URL and XPath for each crypto, because the prices change regularly.

Google Finance

Google Finance has just added a crypto market tab to its interface. The new tabs feature five different markets, including the U.S. market, European market, Asian market, and Currencies. You can also find information on each of the four cryptocurrencies you’re interested in, including a graphical comparison. You can even export the Coinbase price directly to Google Sheets using the new add-on. But first, let’s get a closer look at how this add-on works.

First, use the GOOGLEFINANCE function to download the current price of each cryptocurrency into your spreadsheet. You’ll need to enter the currency symbol as “pair” in order to get current prices. It will then display the price for that particular cryptocurrency. After that, click “Download Coinbase Data” to download the data. You can also export historical data, but this is not as easy as it sounds. If you want to use the GOOGLEFINANCE function, you’ll need a website that allows you to export data.


The Coinbase’s GOOGLEFINANCE function lets you easily import the latest price data of cryptocurrencies into your spreadsheet. Using this function, you can view information for hundreds of stocks and cryptocurrencies, including their price and volume. The GOOGLEFINANCE function can also be used with ordinary stock symbols. It shows current stock prices, historical securities prices, and currency markets. The CoinGecko formula can also be used to import historical securities data.

For pulling crypto prices, you can use the IMPORTXML function. This function uses URL and cell references to pull data from websites. To perform a search, you must have the currency symbol and the “pair” it represents. This will give you a number of examples, which you can use to make an informed decision about whether to purchase or sell. The formulas below will allow you to pull cryptocurrency prices into a Google spreadsheet.

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